Phoebe Scott

Technical Operations Consulting

Don’t try to be everything to everyone. Pick a niche. Start by doing your best to serve a specific customer in a specific place and grow from there.
— Phoebe Scott, Darling Interview

Scott was a philosophy major and art minor at Hamilton with no technical background, but she was creative and logical and figured she could learn what she needed to know.
— Maureen A. Nolan, Hamilton College Alumni Review

It is incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to succeed without the help of those who succeeded before you. Everyone who has achieved some level of success in their lives should ask themselves, “what am I doing to help the next generation?”.
— Phoebe B. Scott, Ideamensch Interview

Laudville has wrapped up its open beta and officially launched its social discovery service for movies, TV shows, music and books . . . CEO Phoebe Scott started the company because she couldn’t find a solution that brought together recommendations based on her specific tastes and opinions of her friends.
— Josh Ong, The Next Web